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December 25, 2009

Freelance Editors Wanted For Technology Videos (TriBeCa)

AT&T Tech Channel (, @atttechchannel) is looking for freelance editors in downtown Manhattan and in Somerset County, NJ.

Are you a post-production whiz? Can you show that you can take raw footage, a script, and a bunch of b-roll and pictures, and make it into a thrilling tour de force? The type of thing that would make people say "wow, I didn't know video on the web could be that good, but now I do, and I'm amazed"? Are you a master of Final Cut? An artisan with After Effects? A Photoshop phenomenon? If you've answered yes to at least 4 of the questions in this paragraph, we'd like to talk to you.

We'd like to talk to you because we're looking for people like you to work on our videos. They're mostly about technology, covering both historical and contemporary topics. If you have a passion for the content, and won't spend time asking us things like "what is Tweeter?" while you cut, you have a better chance of scoring a gig. We work mostly on Final Cut, although we do have an Avid station if that is more your speed. We have Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS4 products, and several other options available for editing and graphics work.

Examples of the type of pieces you may work on can be seen at, and Note that these are short-form documentary pieces, and you stand a better chance of scoring a gig if you can demonstrate that you've worked on similar projects. Please let us know what you think about these pieces in your response.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we'd like to see your resume. And your reel. And complete samples of finished work, with notes about your role on the projects that you're sending our way. And an explanation about why you'd be perfect for the job. Feel free to add in any information outside of your tool set, experience, etc., that you think show us why you'd be the fast, multipurpose editor that we're looking for.

READ THIS: There are potential opportunities in two places: down in Tribeca, and out in Northern New Jersey, in Somerset County. Please tell us which location you'd prefer in your response. If your response is that you'd prefer New Jersey, keep in mind there is no public transportation that puts you anywhere near the building. If you live in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, it is VERY likely that your daily commute will be AT LEAST 2 hours EACH WAY. In our experience, this makes for very cranky workers. Since we like everyone to be happy, we give consideration to all applicants, but we'd prefer if you had a commute that wouldn't drive you insane after a week or two. Please keep this in mind when responding.

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