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December 20, 2009

HTML/CSS expert

Web Developer - HTML/CSS expert to skin Nexternal ecommerce stores (Carlsbad, CA - 6 blocks from beach)

Nexternal Solutions is looking to fill a need for a web developer in our Carlsbad, California location.
The ideal candidate will be proficient in HTML/CSS and graphics creation/manipulation and possess at least basic skill with JavaScript. Self motivation, excellent communication/organization skills, and attention to detail are essential. No server side coding experience is required. SEO skills are a plus.

The candidate’s primary job function is to “synch” the ecommerce stores of Nexternal clients with the look and feel of their websites. You must be able to read and re-work HTML/CSS written by developers of all skill levels (as well as software generated code), write HTML by hand to match a mockup image, and generate or modify graphics to work within the Nexternal framework. This is similar to skinning a Wordpress blog or other CMS based website, and candidates with this experience are encouraged to apply.

Additional responsibilities may include setting up Search Engine Friendly Catalogs and performing SEO analysis and SEO work on clients’ websites.

This job requires frequent email communication with Nexternal account executives and quick responses during work hours are a must. There will be minimal direct communication between the candidate and Nexternal clients. If you love to code up websites but don’t like the stress of dealing directly with clients, this is a great position for you.

$25/hr for first three projects (try out/training period), then $35/hr + depending on proficiency. This job will start on a contractual basis with the potential to move to full time with benefits (if desired) as our demand for your time increases.

Nexternal is also located in the Carlsbad Village just 6 blocks from the beach and near many restaurants. Nexternal fosters a team environment and enjoyable work atmosphere. Employees are intelligent, motivated, fun loving people, and only occasionally work more than 40 hours per week.

Next Steps: Nexternal Solutions provides web based ecommerce software to businesses serious about online sales. Nexternal is a dynamic, fast moving company in a growing industry. If you thrive in such an environment, please familiarize yourself with Nexternal’s products and services, and then email your resume and cover letter to --> When contacting about this position, please include a resume, links to three portfolio pieces, and a brief description of your contribution to each. Also, please include your desired hourly rate and how many hours you expect to be available per week (now and in the future). Lastly, please provide a separate 1-10 rating of your proficiency with HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, and your familiarity with Quirks Mode.

  • Location: Carlsbad, CA - 6 blocks from beach
  • Compensation: Listed In Description
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is a contract job.

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